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CoR: Get going Already by Rothkind
CoR: Get going Already

More Sketchy :dummy:

Yes, I know quit unusual to see these two hanging out. But I had ZERO idea to how I should involve them. C s to scardy and Echo to smart to go to a citadel full of killer bugs alone.
Yet, Echo really wanted to look and see what this Citadel was like...for this she grabbed the first person she could find that didn't complained about being dragged along. To the little luck
of the Shy Drifblim. She had no voice to complain about this and how little interest she had and this. So to her missfortune..Echo dragged her all the way to the God stones and the 
Citadel of Nirmala to explore the  Area.

Sorry C, at least Echo don't snaps to much at you.
CoR: October Mission Echo by Rothkind
CoR: October Mission Echo

I'm to laze to line properly so prepare for a time of a bit more sketchy looking then nice smooth lines.

ANYWAY. This is Echos Mission for October. No this is NOT the Thief Mission. In fact: Echo took upon a Personal Mission of the God of Death Giellver once again.
Of course she actedupon this..more forown personal gains then actually being devoted to the Yvetal he requested her to get, as much as possible of the following

gems from the Underisles Mines
some bottled fog from the Foglands,
some dried and crushed bug carapaces. found at the Buzzing Marshlands

She Either got, or is about to get what was requested, I didn't wanted to sum it up in one pic in the Sense of, got everything already, so I drew each gotten Item
by itself for it. Enjoy I suppose? uwu
CoR: October Mission Knights/Paladin by Rothkind
CoR: October Mission Knights/Paladin

For CoR Members Only

Where usually would be the Gathering place of many Knights and Paladin seemed to be quit the confusion. There was no sign of the Deity they expect...especially now with such a
danger having risen threaten to take the Island for herself. Instead though the hooded figure stepped up that already organized a part of those that helped freeing the Victini with
Success. ”Knights and Paladin listen to my words." The tall male was quick to call out, raising his hand to earn the rest of the peoples attention. ”Today it seems your
Lord has disappeared. A few days he has not been sighted in Ormona. For this I will be taking his stead to ensure a way for us to act upon the current situation the Island is in.
As you have heard, Nirmala has broken out of the seal she had been locked in for Millennia, this resulted in mass panicking over the entire Island. Mostly due to the Bugs she took
control of and the Citadel she created. For now, we will leave the citadel be, split into different groups and guard the towns from the bugs that try to get to close to places that
provides home to people, I also urge you to try and keep the panic of residents to a minimum, you are free to aid any of the other classes, even the thieves are no threat to us
now, Lord Duskim knows better then keeping his offensive against us now.”
The man sighed, glancing around and readjusting his Hood. ”This is no easy task, but we
have to make sure that even with this threat nothing is going to happened to the Island we call our home.”


What Can I do for this Mission?

It seems like your Deity Kain is absent, whether he is busy, occupied with the current appearance of Nirmala or simply went into a hiding is quit unknown. For all it is known it's rare
to see him these days. For this The hooded figure who had gathered help from many factions before, now try to aid the Knight and Paladin to keep themselves sorted. Many agree
as wary as they seem to be from person to person.

Draw/Write your Character dealing with the Current Panic regarding Nirmalas appearance this can for example be:

- Interactions with Towns folk of various places, calming them down and keeping Chaos down.

- Dealing with the Bugs that approach towns to close, shoo them away or strike them down!

- Team up with Any other factions to try and lessen the threat in any sort of way.

- If you think that is a good Idea? Explore the Citadel, yet it seems the man speaking is not fond of the idea.

Each of these thing can give you a wooping Bonus of 200 gold, if you Collab with another factions member you will receive 350 as Bonus! On top of that the First Submission of any
kind will receive a Small Glass-wing~

:bulletred:IMPORTANT SIDENOTE:bulletred:

Kain may not be there to Actively announce the Mission for his faction yet, you are free to Note the group or comment on this deviation to request a personal mission from him.
Personal missions are not tied to any faction meaning: everyone is free to bother the Lugia for a Mission if this is wanted!

CoR: October Mission Archer/Ranger by Rothkind
CoR: October Mission Archer/Ranger

For CoR Members Only

”....My little Deerlings...hello...”

Oddly serene, little cheerful called the Archer goddess to those that had gathered to hear her speak, but something seemed odd...The Usual cheery Xerneas seemed to be quit absent...
in thoughts, maybe something was concerning her...maybe she was not entirely recovered from what had happened to her past month...who knows...maybe it's even something else.
”..My dear, dear archers I have returned. My absence not truly important...there are tasks at hands for us to act upon. While Nirmala may be a threat in regards of her
power, this is no allowance for people to slay the creatures that are following her. They can not help their own current Situation.. we...will not allow them to proceed further.”
Xerneas tender wings buzzed softly as she glanced in the direction of the God stones. ”Fend of those that threaten to harm our fragile Nature...the disturbance is great and no one
will be helped...if this ends up to be a killing spree... chase them away.”
with another nod, the Xerneas waved, before moving herself, her odd behaviour now was accompanied by
a soon leave...seeming like to head herself for the Citadel in question.


what Can I do for this Mission?

What a strange turn of Events. Luckily Phaedra might have returned to take care of her Archer, yet today she seemed oddly absent and her request is more then unusual for the pacifistic
deity. Maybe the entire Event of the New legendary appearing has her a bit more under it's grasp then the rest. After all she is a bug type as well. But perhaps she is right, also it remains
under each persons own judgement how to react upon this so unusual request!

Draw/write your character following after Phaedras request. Shoo those away that slay those poor creatures that had been drawn out of their homes. Chase away the explores that try to
invade the Citadel. Each submission bound to this will get you the usual Bonus of 200 gold! And you will also receive a Obsidian Arrow as a reward for your efforts.

CoR: Invading the Prison by Rothkind
CoR: Invading the Prison

For the Current Event, a Collab between me and the lovely Bulbiekins cause you can never have enough collabs huehue. Either way, C had heard via the Mage Mission
that Kamal who had been captured and bought to Ormona causes quit the trouble with simply missing at the God Stones. She wanted to see these things for herself and even
to her personal dislike, went to Ormona and approached the Prison. Now C is not the type to use violence or somehow distract as it would draw attention to her. Yet to the
shy ghosts luck the Guard for the Prison at the current hour had been Ilkaner. Someone she had no problem with approaching. Asking if he was the one to guard and explain
why everyone was attempting to free the Victini that was kept captive. C was able to convince Ilka to let Kamal out, tough arriving the Cell C was pretty surprised to see another
person in there. Some of those wounds origins were easy to tell for her and she felt pretty sorry. Helping the Woman with healing a bit while Ilka worked on breaking Kamals chains.

Though Even if C tried to let the poor Bird out too Ilka wasn't really willing to let this happens, as first step though she helps Kamal to get out with the liepards help, only to
probably attempt later helping the winged woman as well, who didn't really seemed well at all. C didn't cared if she was dangerous or not, for now she was just a person that seemed
to need help here.

Enjoy I guess? uwu

Lines Ilkaner the Steel/Fire Liepard (c) Bulbiekins
Colours and C the Ghost/Poison Drifblim (c) Mine
Kamal the Ground/Electric Victini (c) Super-Liet
Second Prisoner (c) Mine
Oh jeez, where do I start?. Well I'm not here for as long like just...4 years? even if this Account is not as old. I have a second one but let's Ignore this. I didn't even know why I joined, I didn't actually drew in that time to be honest. I made screens in MMO's and submitted photos of my pets and different Bullshit. I always was a sucker for Rping and Characters and such but I always kept my nose in German boards. My English was HORRIBLE at this time around. Yet the german boards I strived in went very deadish and People wanted just certain things rpd *coughs* So I left and eventually didn't knew what to do.

eventually I strolled across :iconpkmn-crossing:
this is very much where it all kind of started. For the very first time I entered Deviantart chats and started Chatting In english. 1wordinsane was the one I Spoke of first. He was incredible nice and always there when I entered the days and weeks following. My english was terrible but I had such a warm welcome there I enjoyed this chat a lot. With that came the decision to join my first every English Rp group! which was Pkmn-Crossing. With that got along quit a few 'firsts' ahaha.
PKMC-Hope The Gardevoir Redraw by Rothkind
Hope was my first Anthro Pokemon character and heck I loved her to bits! I was surprised for entire time of my stay in this group she remained being the only Gardevoir! One the group was open and I managed to join I meet Bulbiekins I loved her Glaceon character because me as, to this time so Innocent internet goer had never seen such a cutie Glaceon male because even if Male eevees are more common, I always saw girly stuff. °^° So he was kinda special in my Eyes, I started chatting and dared Rping with her and Had so much fun! My lack of language skills had not bothered her which courages me even more to continue. Bulbeh means a lot to me and I would hate ever loosing contact with her, I'm very happy to know her. along the way of this I meet :develen92: too and she was the First to draw hope. I GOT GIFT ART FOR THE FIrST TIME CAN U TELL HOW I SQUAELED. I meet just so SO SO many people. Like queeny who is a super sweety and always had such great ideas! Bat and Bread who had Like the sweetest couple ever. Gaf who is a freakin derp but I love to hang out with and liked playing minecraft here and there. Puzzle who was super nice but sadly dissapeared, Hanners,chirpy (Yufika) heather who I  admired from afar ehehehe cutiest art. uwu J and Chip being two very fun derps to speak to too.

Twero is probably another one of the PKMC people who grew to be Important to me over the course of two years haha. It was so nice to rp and draw with him, not to mention our two cutiebootys were quit the sweet couple,it is just sad that everything kind of died down over the time. ;v;

Nah JK, saki is a Cool Kid, It was very nice and comforting to know a german person in pkmc I could talk to uwu.

Although..on later terms  got Purged in PKMC and with some Issues I didn't dared rejoining.
In the time during PKMC. I did finally took the Pen and actively started to draw. Soon Joinig my Very first Gjinka groups..while I have nothing good to say about HPM I do have a lot to say about another group.

Hands down. That group is my home. It carried everything that meant to me on deviantart. It was the VERY first group I ever drew a Gijinka for! I never drew gijinka Retype even less! My first ever baby was this piece of shit though followed soon by another (of which I found the first art so I show the first attempt):
RG: The Crow is back by RothkindReType-Dephts Keiji by Rothkind
Yeah okay who don't know that lovely Face hu? Yoshi is awful as character but heck does that bird mean a lot to me explanation will of course follow. Keiji was my favourite derp. I really dislike kids personally but for some reason everyone loved his antics. Odd hu? must be the Charm kids have. xD

When Retype was Retype-depths. the first people I spoke to were gray, Daifen,garbagekeeper and Super-Liet I knew Gar from Pkmc so she kind of was less scary to me then Dai and liet were in all honestly gnfkh. Gar always amazed me with her charas and designs and i just could keep swooning over her stuff. I loved Dais ideas and her drawings but I often was to shy to poke her, sadly sob. Liet was one of those I could speak to the easiest though, she nerded over stuff I did. NERDING MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER. Not to mention I was a sucker for Ryou and still fangirl His fabulous hair. I'm really glad to have meet these three at the start and it made me quit quick feel comfortable with retype and it's Chaotic tendencies ahahaha. Yufika being again one I really loved to hang out with and rp with. always stunning me with her amazing character designs.

Yet for some time when retype gained people, I started actually being quiet and just...lurked the chats. People joining were scary and I didn't dared speaking to most. Although then more joined and I got pretty curious, cause there was a certain fish that stuck out to me. Aquaria-Moon Was one of the people I meet in the chats. I was kinda scared to speak to her, as I always am speaking to so much better artists for some reason. Eilene was pretty amazing, and along we chatted we eventually started rping too. ALL OF THE WALLS I TELL YOU. god Especially with bulbeh along. we killed the chats. Though when Aqua tossed her Second chara in we just talked and rpd so, so much more, because it was just very funny and interesting to have Kale and Yoshikuni interact all these times. Sure it tended to end in bloody messes but at some point it didn't anymore. They are and were such a precious couple QAQ. While I love swooning over the Battleship KaShi that kills everyone, more important then what they are at the current date, isnt's just the fact they are a couple and made me interact with Aqua so much, it is the fact that it brought me one of the most precious frienships I am carrying here. Just like bulbeh, aqua means very much to me and I honestly don't even know how stuff would be without either. I enjoy speaking to her just as much and I know there would be so much things that wouldn't be without her. It all made me be again a active part of retype and made me grow attached to it as I was today.

Why? well because of this, I also had the chance to meet LilChiisai,NervIris,the-attic-keeper I love you guys to bits.While I may not talk with each as frequently i still treasure each of you. Chii is just one cutie with amazing characters (STARING TO YOU ARCHIE) amazing writing and I just love to chat and rp with her. the very same going for nervy and Atticu, you two are just precious, amazing and I'm happy to know you.

Retype just brought me so many Friendships, memorys and although it broke my heart that the group closed I am SO,SO happy that nothing is entirely lost just yet.

Retypes little sister if you will. or brother from another mother whatever seems fit
When I saw CoR and it hired Mods I just HAD to try and take part there. Mainly because I love the fantasy setting another part of me wanted to be there to keep being together with the amazing peopl I meet.

Now I am working with an amazing Moderation team, and am trying to look positive forward to the future. It only can get better right? I enjoy my time on dA and as much as it brought some pain heck, I love it al how it is and wouldn't be who I am now with all the little things there.

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